Where To Park In Downtown Annapolis

Downtown Annapolis bus routes

This route map may be updated.
For the latest information, check the City of Annapolis website transportation pages.


Downtown Parking Lots and Garages

1 City Dock
Susan Campbell Park
Metered parking near Spa Creek

Fleet Parking Lot
Metered parking next to Fleet Reserve Club

3 Donner Parking Lot
Metered parking near City Dock

4 Noah Hillman Parking Garage
Just off Main Street in the Historic District
150 Gorman Street

5 Gotts Court Parking Garage
Near the Visitors' Center
Sate and County Offices
250 Northwest Street
Discounted Rates After 4 pm

6 Whitmore Garage
Across from Gotts Court Garage
37 Clay Street

7 Knighton Garage
Corner of Colonial Avenue and West Street
Discounted Rates After 4 pm

8 Larkin Street Lot
Metered parking located off City Gate Lane

9 South Street
Off Church Circle
Across from the Courthouse

10 Bladen Street Garage
Free parking 6 pm - 6 am, Monday - Friday;
All day on weekends

11 Park Place Garage
At Westgate Circle
Just off of West Street and Spa Road

12 Navy Stadium Parking Lot
Just off Rowe Blvd on Taylor Avenue
(Walk or take a trolley to downtown)






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